Top 10 Trendsetting Must-Have Shoes In A Man’s Closet For 2022

Shoes are more than just accessories. Shoes pay honor to the men of the past, on whose shoulders we all stand. The best men’s shoes on the market have you covered, whether you’re searching for a pair of formal shoes to go with your new two-button suit, an option to wow a Saturday coffee date, or bulletproof exercise sneakers to get you through the next set. All you have to do now is look for them.

Craftsmanship is never cheap, and neither are quality shoes. However, rest assured that many of these menswear labels have been producing footwear for decades, if not longer. Longevity in business does not occur by chance or by substandard workmanship, and these styles have endured both changing trends and high demands.

So, while spending a few dollars on some of the best men’s shoes can be painful, it’s well worth it. After all, they’re going to be with you for a long time. Check out the best shoes that every man should own, as well as the outstanding shoes on the market in each category below.


A pair of boots is a must-have in your wardrobe. These shoes are good to go in any season with any outfit. The wolverine 1000 Mile and the Red Wing Iron Ranger are some options you can check out.  


These are the best option to substitute sneakers. These shoes are the lool-good, feel-good option. Nisolo Chukka Boot, Clarks desert boot, and much more in the category are the best options to provide you with comfort at ease. 

Inclement Weather Boots

With these shoes, a little bad weather will not stop you. Instead, they help you to prepare for the worst. They keep you safe, dry, and in style, whether it rain or any other condition. The best in class are LL Bean Original Bean Boot, Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots, Extra Tuf 6 Inch Legacy Ankle Deck Boot, and many more. 


Sneakers display a remarkable breadth, from classic training shoes to the best sneakers for men. In addition, they are highly known for their ease of wear and comfort. The Seavees Legend Sneaker is the most favored sneaker by men. 

Skate Shoes

Skate shoes have better durability and are known for their cushioning comfort. They imbibe classic style with greener components and durable layers for more extended wear. They provide a great feel and durability. 


These shoes are not straight-laced. Instead, they are designed to enhance your overall look while providing comfort. Some of the loafers are made from a material ready to wash when it’s dirty. On the other hand, some come in leather with decorative designs. 

Slip-On Shoes 

Are you too lazy for laces? Then these slip-on are the right solution for you. They come in various styles, such as hand-woven, camp soles, and much more. They are easy to wear, trendy, and comfortable. 


They were in fashion before sneakers and mostly worn on formal wear. However, they hold a critical place in modern-day fashion for men. It comes with chunky bouncy soles and imbibes timeless good looks.

Running Shoes

These are the most comfortable shoes which should have a place in your wardrobe. Hitting the gym or any running task, have them on, and you won. On Cloud, Hoka Bondi X, Brooks, are some of the best running shoes in the market. 


Sandles are perfect for hitting your vacation or beach look. The skin-freeing flats are a ready-to-go option. Available in a variety of styles and color options. Some come in leather or nylon piece, providing you with all-day comfort. 

These are the must-haves in your closet. These shoes take care of your comfort and your style. All your coffee dates, business meetings, beach vacations are looked after when you have them on. Slay all your occasions with these must-have perfect pairs. 

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Top 10 Trend-setting Must-Have Shoes In A Man’s Closet For 2022

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