How To Use A Face Roller Massager For Glowing Skin?

Face roller Massager
You’ve probably come across a face roller massager on social media sites or at someone’s house. These products are handy for face cleansing and removing impurities with a glow. Some face roller massager products have two balls, and some appear like a small roll pin with rollers of different sizes fixed to both ends. The small item is made of rose quartz and jade.

People claim to have many skin benefits:
  • Improved blood circulation on the face: Using the face roller massager stimulates blood flow to the face, which helps in making the skin appear bright.
  • Better mood with massage: A 2008 old study suggests that it lessens anxiety in some people.
  • Soothes and cools down skin: When you store the roller in the fridge or use cold stones such as jade, it cools down the skin. The benefits still have to be determined, but many people enjoy how it feels.
  • Less Puffiness: Rolling lessens puffiness after stimulating lymphatic drainage. Many studies generally link the face roller massager with lessening swelling. However, more research is pending for facial rollers and improving face puffiness.

Proper Way To Use Facial Roller

Make sure to follow these steps to use a face massage roller:
  • Apply serum, facial roller, or moisturizer (slippery enough.) Without any lubrication, the tool pulls or tugs on the skin, contributing to wrinkles.
  • Begin at the neck and start rolling upwards. It will help if you roll it up instead of going back and forth for the best outcomes.
  • Roll up from jawline to ear on both sides with gentle pressure. Continue the motion from jaw to cheekbone.
  • Roll the forehead towards the hairline in an upward direction. It’s the gentle pull that you’d use when you pull wrinkle-free and skin taut with your hands.
  • Roll it horizontally over the eyebrows. It relieves when you’ve got a headache.

For How Long You Should Use A Face Roller Massager

Face roller massager products are ideal for daily use. Many studies concluded that you get better outcomes with its long-term use.

The Ideal Rolling Time

Even when you’ve got a few minutes, you can still get some de-stressing and benefits. According to a 2018 study using a face massage roller for only 5 minutes stimulates blood flow to the cheeks. It’s best to use a roller for around 10 minutes. Like everything else, it’s best to be gentle on the skin. Stop when it begins to hurt.

Cleaning The Face Roller Massager

We are going to give a few tips on cleaning a face roller massager. These are the steps to remove excess product or oil with a clean and soft washcloth.
  • Wipe off excess product or oil with a clean and soft washcloth. It would help if you wiped it after each time using it.
  • Use a gentle soap or face wash to kill any bacteria. Ensure thorough rinsing with water at room temperature.
  • Avoid putting any hot water on the face roller massager or soak it inside.
  • Horizontally rub the roller on a clean cloth for drying.

The Best Face Roller Massagers 

If you want to buy a face massage roller tool, the best face roller massager products are available online that you can easily use on your skin without getting too many issues.

Baimei Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set Facial Beauty Tools, face roller massager, Skin Massager For Face, Neck, And Eye Treatment, Facial Roller For Skin Care Routine

The beauty massage tool jade roller is made with Jade and other face stones or muscle massage stones. Jade roller is a common name for the product type, made with rose quartz (pink face roller massager), white jade roller, or green aventurine stone (green face massager).
  • Make absorption better of face oil, moisturizer, cream, or serum.
  • Gua Sha jade roller helps minor skin puffiness and lessens the appearance of under-eye circles.
  • Eye roller brightens the complexion with tight pores and helps in lessening wrinkles and fine line appearance.
  • Relax and calm down muscle tension
The face roller massager is for muscle tension relief, lessens facial puffiness, helps in the fresh appearance, and firms the skin with a lifted and dewy appearance. The Gua Sha lifts the skin, improves the fine line with upward pressure, and helps in shaping the jawline. The skincare face massager tool is sturdy, smooth, and doesn’t squeak. It ensures an incredible feeling while energizing your skin.

BAIMEI Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

  • Face roller — muscle tension relief, reduce facial puffiness and help your skin look fresh; firm your skin and make it look dewy and lifted
  • Jade Face Roller: The skincare face massager tool is smooth, sturdy and no squeaky. It provides the cool feeling and energizes the skin
  • Gua Sha: not only can lift your skin and improve fine lines with upwards pressure, but it also helps to shape your jawline
  • Tips: You can keep the facial jade roller and Guasha in the fridge for about 10minutes to keep it cooler on the skin and this helps to reduce morning puffiness and get the skin refreshed
  • The beauty skin care tools are packaged in a beautiful gift box.We suggest you wash the beauty skin care tools —- face roller and guasha —- after and before each use

Kimkoo Jade Roller For Face-3 In 1 Kit With Facial Massager Tool,100% Real Natural Jade Stone Facial Roller Anti Aging, Face Beauty Set For Eye Anti-Wrinkle.

The face roller massager is made with an all-natural jade stone with an alloy bracket that ensures no rust. The jade roller supports lymphatic drainage for fewer wrinkles and puffiness. It doesn’t have chemicals and irritants. 

Eliminate any muscle tension: With a jade face roller massager, you can smooth fine lines and glow radiantly. Lessen dark circles and edema with skin health improvement.

Non-Squeak silent design Hardware – the compact and flexible size suits all body parts: neck, face, back, legs, and arms.
Keep inside the fridge before using it for a good experience.
The package is available with:
  • Large, small, and jade Roller
  • Instruction manual
  • Jade massager tool
  • Pack box (sponge protection)

Kimkoo Jade Roller for Face-3 in 1 Kit with Facial Massager Tool

Material100% Real Jade

About this item

  • ✅100% Real Jade – made of natural jade and alloy bracket that won’t rust, Free of any chemicals or irritants.
  • Eliminate muscle tension, jade roller can smooth fine lines, make skin glow healthy and radiant.Reduce dark circles edema and improve skin health.
  • Silent design, Non-Squeak Hardware,The flexible and compact size is suitable in any body parts: face, neck, arms, back, or legs.
  • Keep it in your refrigerator before you use to receive a better experience.
  • Comes with a gift box, which is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and Christmas.

4-Pcs Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set, Facial Roller Massager With Gua Sha Scraping Tool, Jade Stone Massager For Anti-Aging, Slimming & Firming, Rejuvenate Face And Neck, Remove Wrinkles & Eye Puffiness

The jade face roller massager set consists of a Gua Sha tool and ridged roller set for your daily skincare routine. The kit highlights the natural beauty and takes out premature aging. It helps minimize puffiness with better skin elasticity and blood flow and relieves eye bags, pores, and dark circles. The coolness boosts natural collagen production and circulation, drains congested lymph nodes, and detoxes the skin. Keep the face roller massager in the fridge before using it for an ice roller effect.

The Gua Sha massage tool and face massage roller are perfect for the face, forehead, eyes, neck, shoulders, wrist, and legs. The face roller massager set also improves the skincare products’ efficacy, helps skincare ingredients get absorbed into the skin, and helps the skin rejuvenate. It is also helpful to relieve tension build-up due to the day’s stress and loosens the spots with wrinkles.

4-pcs Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set, Facial Roller Massager with Gua Sha Scraping Tool

  • Get Glowing Skin
  • Stress Relief 
  • 100% Natural Jade Stone
  • Special Gift: Give the special one a gift of love. The 4 in 1 natural jade rollers & gua sha sets are skincare arsenal in fighting against fine lines, wrinkles, and reduce puffins. It comes in an elegant box, which makes it a great choice as a gift for mom, grandma, wife, daughter, sister, and friends.


Face roller massagers are vital for large events to flaunt your best look. Using the proper methods with these top-end face cleaning roller products help in maintaining smooth, radiant, hydrated, and flawless skin texture. If you think skin rollers are perfect for your skin needs and want to buy face massage roller products at the best prices, these products are your best bet. You can purchase these face roller massager products directly from our Supreme City Store’s Affiliate links to make a quick purchase and help us earn a small commission.
How To Use A Face Roller Massager For Glowing Skin?

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