5 Ways How Gadgets Are Shaping The Beauty Industry And Cosmetic Retail

Its no doubt that technology has taken over the world; it is even changing the face of beauty. The beauty industry is progressing day by day, taking into account the latest technology trends. Beauty brands are customizing their products based on the needs and expectations of the customers to beat their competitors. This shift is evident in their production process, thus some of the brands have opted for interacting with their customers and using technology to curate the best possible product for them.

Smart tech gadgets are widely available online or in stores, not only catering to health or wellness but also fostering beauty. This blog discusses some of the famous beauty techs available in the market and also helps to identify what consumers are currently engaging with.

AI Personalization 

Artificial intelligence has its roots in our day-to-day life, even when it comes to skincare or beauty products. Personalized beauty products attract more consumers, giving them products exclusively “made for them” feeling. For example, most women now struggle with finding the perfect foundation shade for their face, and some don’t even know which skin type they have. 

Technology is answering these questions for us. For instance, L’Oreal and Lancome have introduced Le Teint Particulier. This machine is designed to find the perfect matching foundation for your skin color. 

Green Beauty Initiatives 

Nowadays, sustainable products have caught the eyes of customers. Their purchasing decisions and choice of products are somewhere centered around environment friendliness. Keeping this in mind, more beauty companies are introducing products with the help of technology and digital solutions that are sustainable and made from green initiatives. For instance, recycling is taking over the beauty industry, which is done with the help of technology. Using environment-friendly ingredients which are cruelty-free, the brands are moving toward a cleaner and safer future.

3D Makeup 

3D makeup, also known as E-Makeup, is inspired by AR social media filters. This makeup offers various apps to play with exciting and unique makeup looks. The E-Makeup is more diversified than the beauty filters, as it provides some stunning makeup to put on. Most of the Instagram influencers are also imbibing 3D makeup. For instance, Ines Alpha has created a lot of digital makeup creations that are going viral. She further created her series of filters which anyone can easily download. This kind of makeup is time-friendly for those who love to dramatize their looks and want something out of the box.

Smart Skincare

Righteous skincare is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Putting on tons of make can successfully hide your imperfections, but it damages the skin cells in the long run. Skincare is the remedy that gives our skin the essential nutrients which enhance your beauty from the depth of your skin. However, the market is flooded with numerous skincare products to go for, ranging from face masks to tonners, but finding the right one for your skin is essential. Now technology has given an uplifting hand to our skincare which led to the introduction of derma rollers, light therapy, hair removal devices, etc. In addition, some brands manufacture beauty devices that provide more innovative, better, and multifunctional tools. 

Virtual Makeup

Sephora has introduced a virtual artist device that provides countless eyeshadows and lipsticks shades. This thing is a bit similar to E-Makeup, but you can try this on and purchase it if you like. The virtual makeup apps apply the products virtually to your face with measurable precision, and some of them also offer a matching foundation for your skin. They also provide tutorials and demos on your chosen product. These apps also include how many consumers have tried the virtual makeup tester or have either struggled to find the right product for themselves or how many are discovering the few ones. This data will further help beauty brands curate consumer-centric products. 


Both global artificial intelligence and technology are increasing at an exponential rate. As a result, a massive increase in personalized products is expected in the coming years, beauty or fitness. Some leading beauty industry experts have also predicted the invention of voice-activated shopping assistance shortly. 

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adgets Are Shaping The Beauty Industry And Cosmetic Retail

5 Ways How Gadgets Are Shaping The Beauty Industry And Cosmetic Retail

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